Getting ready to prototype a few new mid-ranges!

So we are getting ready to do some prototype runs of a few new mid-ranges.

We are looking for a disc between the Element and the Warrior so we made another top that has a little more radius than the Element but less than the Warrior and Have a new wing that has a blunt nose below the parting line, less of an angle and no bead. This is very similar to what we did with the Magic when we were looking for a less overstable Wizard.


All in all we will have 3 tops and 2 wings, giving us the capability to produce up to 4 new mid-ranges.

We could use one of the these as the mid-Range in a line of Nikko Locastro signature discs that will include a Catch disc, Destroyer like driver, Overstable Fairway Driver as well as a Mid-Range discs.


Pro players are awfully particular about the discs they use, so Nikko and I will be working together over the Winter to get the discs to where he likes them in terms of flex, feel and durability!!


For now we just keep cranking out the putters and have had some really sweet runs.  We stamped 500 or so for Ice bowl if you havent signed up to run an Ice Bowl in your town,, heres the link.



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