Good luck to all Competitors at this years USDGC

While I was looking around the usdgc website and planet disc golf I saw mention of Nikko and Matt orum.

Here is an excerpt from their site:

The Risk-Takers

The Winthrop Gold course is fraught with hazards and penalties throughout it’s nearly 9800 feet layout. Besides the lake that especially comes into play on holes 5 and 17, the USDGC staff has been quite innovative by installing thousands of feet of string around the course creating narrower fairways and hazards that the players have to consider at almost every turn. Many of the top pros will tell you that their primary objective is to avoid any OBs during the round, but that is clearly easier said than done.

Yet, many of the young guns play such a fearless brand of disc golf, they almost always will go for shots that more experienced veterans may shy away from. Nikko Locastro and Matt Orum and a growing number of others often defy conventional wisdom with their “diesel” style of disc golf. These are the players that may be generally categorized as “risk-takers.” They emanate supreme confidence and a “take no prisoners” approach to almost every shot. Indeed, their talent levels may warrant very aggressive play on most courses in America, but the Winthrop Gold challenge is a far cry from most other courses in America.

One thing we will be watching are the “risk-takers” at this year’s USDGC. It may come down to a single throw, or it may be exemplified throughout an entire round. But what will be most intriguing is whether the aggressive, risky disc golfer will be rewarded with a US Championship this year, or whether the player with one foot on the accelerator and one foot on the brake, when needed, will find their way into the winners


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