How to advertise and promote a gdstour event

GDS tour events are great for helping new clubs getting started.
NO up front money is required for these events which are geared towards Amateur dic golf players.
We would rather gdstour events be for AMATEURS ONLY but are pretty flexible in format.

ALL women and ALL players 15 and under are allowed to play in gdstour events and will receive 2 discs in the players package, regardless of which level event is held.

This is a great way for a club with limited resources to generate some revenue to help get their club off the ground.

Information on how to run one can be found on our website.

Here are a few ideas on how to advertise market and promote and event.

A good clean flyer with all of the pertinent information handed out to players as well as placed at regional courses helps get the message out about the event.

Making posts on club discussion boards about the event is a good thing and is where you can answer questions that can not be answered from the information on the flyer.

Doubles events usually draw rather well! (Some gdstour events are held during the week in place of a weekly doubles)

Having an event on the most popular course is a plus.

Hosting one at a new course has been proven successful.

Having the local club host a gdstour event helps in building relationships for Gateway.

3 disc players packs for a $25 fee is another great draw.
A custom stamp from a local retail business that sells discs can be one of the discs and this usually gains momentum and hels create the triangle we are looking for..

A 1 disc event that costs the player $10 is another option..

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  1. We had near 50 people for our GDS Tour event. It was a great course fund raiser. We opted for the 3 disc player pack option. It worked out great! Any questions I would be more than happy to help someone plan one…

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