Indoor Putting was a blast!

On Saturday we rented an indoor soccer arena and held an indoor putting tournament.

We sat up 4 stations for live play and 3 stations for practicing. Each station had 4 distances.
20′ = 1 pt
30′ = 3 pt
40′ = 6 pt
50′ = 10 pt.

The qualifying rounds were from 11:00- 3:00. players were required to throw 5 shots from each distance twice for a total of 40 throws over the 2 rounds ( 20 putts each rd). The total score gave each player their seeding for the bracket play. During bracket play the player with the better seed started the match by putting once and the higher seed then threw twice with players trading off 2 throws each time until the better seed had the last single throw of twenty, the higher score advanced. The interesting part was that during the bracket play, players could decide which distance ( and point value) to throw each shot from. I really liked this format as I watched players form different styles of strategy for either getting ahead or catching up. The distances and point values seemed perfect.

Justin Bunnell was the winner in the open and Josh Henson won am,, I’m hoping to run another very soon as well as use the area for other disc sports, like ultimate, guts, double disc court, accuracy and possible even a game called goaltimate ( or at least a version of that game)..

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