Just finished test flying 2 new prototypes

So we have the new mid-range mold up in the press and have been test flying them out back.

One of them could pass for a BUZZzzzz clone with a very similar wing length, over all height and that blunt nose. This disc has plenty of resistance to turn, great glide and very little fade in the “Shur- Grip” S plastic.

It should be a little beefier in the E ( which we are going to prototype once this batch of S runs out and will fit nicely in between the Element and Warrior in stability. It has less fade than the Warrior and less turn the the element.

The other mid seems a bit slower than an Element with maybe a little more turn on the line drives i was throwing of about 200 feet. Again this disc will probably be a bit less under-stable in t he E,,,,Back to the press to see how they moold up in  the Evolution polymer.



btw, we could produce 2 more mids with combinations of tops and wings, but for now 2 new mids should be enough to round out our mid-range line up for 2011.



3 thoughts on “Just finished test flying 2 new prototypes”

  1. Are these new discs going to be as shallow in the rim? Will they have the same concave on the inside rim wall like the warrior and element?

    1. Yes they will have the same rim depth ( with concave) and wing length.

      The one I like the best so far is a dead straight flyer with virtually no fade when thrown about 8 feet high for 225- 300 feet and has a very predictable slight fade for shots of 150-225. It can be released flat and strays flat with a decent amount of penetration and the right amount of glide for a mid-range.

      While it does have a decent amount of resistance to turn it can be worked leftto right ( for RHBH).

      The one thing I really liked was the way to holds a turnover and only SLOWLY comes out of it, as opposed to the warrior that comes back quicker and harder.

  2. I received an E Proto today.

    Mine is 179g and domey.

    At first glance, it seemed kind of Kite-like.

    Here is my initial take:

    The plastic is superb.

    It seems like no doubt that it will take wear & tear. I threw quite a few forehand rollers in a not-so-plush field, and the edge is still smooth as silk.

    The fit, I find to be fantastic.

    I’ve always had a problem with the Buzzz rimmage being too thin –
    The Roc’s rim has that funky excess thing.
    The Mako was the best fit I’d found midrange-wise. Until this unit.
    Grip-wise, it’s like an angled-in Buzzz, for lack of a better description. Fits my hand just right.

    Performance-wise, the jury is still out.

    I worked with it for an hour, in 20 mph winds.
    I am taking it out today, for more testing.

    What I found was that it produces ungodly D when thrown with a tailwind. Backhand & Forehand. Very straight path. I was getting some nice “S” action, which I attribute to the disc more than anything. Best mid for forehand I have tried.

    Into the wind, I found difficulties.
    Forehand shots were driven downward, turning into rollers. Backhands shots would arc. I played around with different release angles, but the wind always seemed to win.
    Perhaps I lack the experience needed.

    As I mentioned,I gave it plenty of roller play as well. Although not beat in yet of course, I believe it shows the potential to be quite a dependable roller. Again, friend of the tailwind. One roller got hit by a crosswind, travelled sideways 100 feet in like 2 seconds, at the same time accelerating forward 100 feet like a bolt of lightning.

    All in all, I was very impressed.
    Which I hadn’t planned on being.

    Even if it turns out to be totally useless in certain conditions, what it offers in tailwind, or I assume “no wind” conditions, makes it more than bag-worthy.

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