Looking for somoene to do you tube marketing

We are looking for someone that would like to do You tube marketing for our company.

I have a lot of really cool footage that is in hi-8 that needs to be digitalized and edited for use for producing video clips.
We would also like to produce new footage so, having a nice camera and the skills to work it and edit the footage would be a plus.
Disc Golf related JOB Opportunity::
Must be willing to relocate and travel.
( you do not have to be a good disc golfer for this position 🙂 )
We have had some great responses in our search for Graphic artists, mostly from people who can only work from their own pc.
We are still Looking for someone part of full time to work in the shop that has expereince with cutting and weeding vinyl and knows their way around Illustrator and photo shop.
email David@gdstour.com or call me on my cell 314 303 1488.


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