1 thought on “Man! We have a lot of Disc Golf Courses in the St. Louis Area!!”

  1. Why is it that you leave tall grass area’s at Creve coeur I have played everywhere in Saint Louis .This park should be a show piece instead it’s a joke I talk to people up on the walk path and ask why they have never tried or if tried why don’t they play anymore. The number one reason said it talk grass even after cut and tall grass that they spend time looking for disc they believe is to many bugs to leave any tall grass. Also no am tees this is a big deal not everyone throws four or even 300 feet so please it does much for two orange flags for a second am tee to get beginning players to have fun .I have played for the better part of 26 years I life five min from cc park and until it is over hauled by good grounds keeping they used to cut it all years ago

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