Mixed bag???

So Rich Givens from flying disc magazine caught me on Tape right after Wednesdays rounds were complete at this years worlds. With Nikko up by 3 strokes I was pretty amped up and let a nice message fly out.
The Idea that players having to throw discs from one company exclusively has never really been that comfortable for me.
Even though I really love the loyalty that our sponsored players have shown, Its just doesn’t seem like the best way to grow disc golf.
Everyone likes a nice rivalry and of course its not that big of deal to hear Cubs Suck or Chevy sucks or whatever,,,, those guys all make millions of dollars whether people think they suck or not!
Its not helping our small time sport so much and doesn’t help our image to non competitive disc golfers.
I received a tip years ago about contracting ” never cut down other roofing or construction companies as it only establishes and reinforces distrust about the industry as a whole. I used this information wisely and always refrained from talking bad about other companies to customers.

Check out this video to here and see some of my thoughts.

2 thoughts on “Mixed bag???”

  1. I'm shocked nobody has commented on this. Well put in the video.

    I tend to throw mainly one company, but try and rotate basically all brands in and out of my bag. It's fun and it supports the whole sport all around.

  2. Most disc golfers on my home course throw at least two different brands of discs. Everyone I know that plays often throws Innova primarily and some other brand. Mostly the other brand is Discraft and rarely its Gateway. Most recreational disc golfers where I live have never even heard of Gateway because its not for sale in the stores. We have 5 places to buy Innova discs in this county and one place to buy Discraft and that's it.

    I throw Innova's drivers for distance (Champion & Star Beast, Star Wraith), Millennium drivers (QJLS, SJLS, Polaris LS) and mid-ranges (Aurora MS, QMS, Q-Sentinel) for straight shorter drives, Discraft (Meteor, Wasp) for mid-range shots, and Gateway (E VooDoo, OG Magic, Chalky Black Magic, SSS Wizard) for putt and approach. I really like the new clear E VooDoo.

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