NIkko doesnt win :(

18 hole design gravel lot_1-18___A

Yeah so I usually only post when Nikko Wins so I thought I would still post about his results even when he comes in #3rd. This past weekend Nikko said he had a few spit outs from the ancient 1980 mach 1’s! In one incident he was pretty sure the disc actually fell out the bottom.

He took 3rd 1 behind Coda Hatfield and 2 behind the winner Ron “I make all putts into the wind” Converse.  He  added $230.00 to his record breaking year of over $41,000.00 plus.


On his way home from Still Water he stopped by the new course we are working on together in Rolla and put a few hours into the design.

This course is really starting to come together,,, Nikko found a few new cool pin placements today and we are going back on Thanksgiving to incorporate them into the course,,,here is a tentative layout.

18 hole design gravel lot_1-18___A



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