Nikkos practice ace at worlds.

Apparently Nikko aced hole#10 at Victory Park in practice.

From Greg Hosfeld’s blog:

We got a late start on our way to Albion’s Victory Park (#908) This is a pristine park with a river slowly meandering through. Complete with a dam waterfall and some ponds that come into play in the middle of the track.

When we reached hole 10, Nikko anhyzered his putter exactly 327’ over the river and directly into the chains for a very smooooth ace! The mower, who had been stopping to allow us to drive (even the mowers observe the rules of etiquette!) drove up and congratulated Nikko, saying he’d never seen anyone ace the hole. Chances are he won’t again for a while.
There are some big shots on this course but most of the holes are birdie-able according to par. There’s a 990 footer but also a little finesse 167 footer over the stream for balance. Victory park should see some good score movement during next week’s disc golf marathon.

Shown here is Nikko at the basket with two guys on the tee to the left.

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  1. I was able to watch Nikko play at albion during worlds, and I noticed he throws his putters a lot. What kind of grip does he use when he drives with his putters, or what kind of grip do you use dave? I can’t seem to find a comfortable grip for driving my putters so it’s tough to keep control over it.

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