Oil City PA disc golf course design

Well after 3 days of walking through 8″ of snow,,, the course design in hasson park. Oil City PA is complete. The design started back in July when I spent a few days walking the park with the mayor and local disc golfers Trenton Moulin and Bill Holman.

This course is the real deal and will surely be a hit once its installed.
A few features of the course include a creek which comes into play on 4, 5, 6 & 15 ( a 690 foot par 5). There’s several tunnel shots through the woods, huge groves of laurel and elevation changes on every single hole.
Par is looking like 60, , may be 62 when it is totally stretched out. 7 holes will need to be carved out of the woods and a few greens will need some minor pruning. The remaining holes are pretty much in a park like setting and very scenic. The park is 115 years old and overlooks the allegheny river.
Titan Pro 24’s will be used and natural tees to start.
MiCourse clear out and construction will start soon and it should be ready to play by april..

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  1. Just got back home from a disappointing trip. My wife and I were excited after reading this page earlier today. We drove up to Oil City from Franklin to Hasson Park only to find no sign of any Disc Golf course. Is there any more updates on when it will be ready or has funding caused it to be canceled? Please let us know ASAP.

  2. Had originally posted yesterday hoping for a response only to find my posting was removed. As I posted yesterday my wife and I after reading the above article were excited to see the progress of the Hasson Park disc golf course as it said it would be ready sometime in April. We drove to Oil City only to be disappointed t find that there was nothing even started from what we could find. Is there in fact going to be a course constructed or is this just an advertising ploy by Gateway Disc Sports to sell equipment to hopeful golfers.

    1. Theres a course going in,, its about 3/4 of the way complete.
      You can check out our home page for a map of the pin locations,, or go to the hasson park oil city facebook page.

  3. I would like to know when this is going in also as I have a cabin just minutes from there. We have been talking about holding a tourney here once installed. I am a member of the PFDS and one of the designers of Moraine State Park disc golf course. Update please??

    1. Its looking like there will be a soft opening the first of July and a grand opening the first of August.

      Check out the Hasson park oil city facebook page for more details,,, I think they are looking for adopt a hole participants.

    2. Played all 18 holes today as a foursome and it is a very physically and technically tough course. Course needs to get some better signage as without the overhead course layout we had printed we wouldn’t have had any idea where to go. Very rough in it’s primal stages. Make sure you wear boots, for hiking. Lots of steep grades and loose footing. We’ll try it again later in August to see how it has improved.

    3. Hasson Park course is playable now . Once you find the starters area directional signs lead you to first and tenth tees. Once on the course the yellow arrows should guide you around. Work is still being done on the kiosk. This course is new and is still rough in some areas. If you have any comments on the course please direct them to City of Oil City. Once city hall gets the word it will roll down hill to us grunts in public works and we’ll try to correct any problems.

  4. Mr. C,
    Very glad to read your comments. Sorry you hit the course before the directional signs were installed. They are now up. Yes there are many grades to our course, some leveling has been done, and we hope it is not to rough. Are still contemplating cutting back more trees. Let us know what you think when you play again.

  5. Just played On Saturday! Great course! I really liked the front 9. Great scenery, awesome pin placements, lots of choices and excitement. I thought the course was just great. Hole#2 is fantastic. It wasn’t until all the player played across the ravine that we saw you could go straight and shoot through the trees. Hole 6 (I think) was on the side of a cliff. What a great place to play overall!

    The only thing I would have to day is the length of 15. On it’s longest setting, the hole is gigantic. 700 some odd feet, just an incredible amount of distance (for a amateur player) to cover. I made 4 throws to just get close to the pin, going all out to get the max amount of distance in each throw. Thank goodness the trees wern’t too much of an issue or this hole would be crazy hard.

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