Old school Prototype Wizards

On Friday, I spent a few hours working on some Special runs of Wizards.
1st we ran some CHALKY watermelon colored Wizards,
The flex turned out to be Super-soft what made them the 1st SS chalky Wizards we have ever ran, most Chalky have been between soft and Medium. These babies really feel sweet for those that like their putters flexible with that talc like surface.

We also ran some eraser style Wizards that are a medium blue that are also in the soft-SS range.
These will be hot stamped with the old Putter stamp using the 3 dots, G and Gateway logo.

Ok for those that Like Grip, but only a little flex in the flight plate but prefer a stiffer rim I think we’ve produced the closest thing to the original prototypes since those with the big arch stamp.
This run is a darker blue in color and have that certain feel about them.
While no where near as stiff as a medium, they have that thin in the flight plate feel yet sturdy in the rim with just the right amount of grip on the surface.
The nose seems to round off a little differently than most recent run of Wizard and they have a very slight dome to them.
These should break in to a flex much closer to those old school prototypes with the big arch stamp, but keep that solid rim feel that lots of top players prefer for the approach discs.

Special runs of these discs will be available through online vendors once we get them stamped!!

Any one with any ideas for what stamped should go on them can email me at david@gdstour.com.

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