Ozark Fall Harvest – Course Changes

This summer we had some logging done on our farm where the 2 disc golf courses are located which created a lot of extra work for the crew.

We have made several trips down this fall to get it all cleaned up and ready for this weekend’s Ozark Fall Harvest.

The courses are looking good with the finish mowing going on today and tomorrow.

Come down early or show up on Saturday by 11:30 or so and take a shot at taming these beasts.


A few changes were made to Akita’s run:

A new hole one was installed, it’s a little putter shot straight down hill about 200 feet, a bit too steep and below an out-cropping of rocks for an ace run, but should be an easy bird if you know this type of shot.

After hole 8 (what used to be seven) that plays over the creek, we installed a 300 foot straight shot into a really tight green with the creek directly behind the pin, again another good chance at birdie before embarking on the next hole, an extreme up hill 190 footer sitting on a rock bluff, which is now hole 10 ( formerly 8-up). We added a new rope and cleared up the first part of the hole making it a bit easier to climb and reach the hole.

We had to remove the hole on the 25 foot bluff, so the next hole goes from its tee into the corner making it longer and the creek on the left will probably come into play a lot more now.


After the next hole, which goes over the creek twice to the pin by a big rock, we added a tight right to left up hill shot with a few fairway options and routes to the hole.


The only real change on Ozark is hole 15’s tee is now in the middle of the field and plays through a tight gap  for 270 feet and then cuts left pretty sharply for another 90 to the same green as before.


We also added a few astro turf tees, one on hole 9 and the other on hole 16, where the logger took a lot of trees out opening up the landing area and the remaining path to the elevated pin.


Most people will like the changes to the course as it certainly makes it play easier in spots.

I got through the front 9 at -5 under, making and eagle 3 on hole 8 over the water and had no bogies.


The back nine yesterday was a bit rougher on me as birdies were awfully hard to come by  ( just one on hole 16) card my first bogey on 12 and then tripled the new 15.


Weather is looking good for the weekend, hope to see lots of people camping and having a good time..

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