Practice routine and training ( finesse and touch)

OK, so how many of you tried reducing the number of discs in your bag and spent the last few weeks practicing off the course?

For those that took this advice,, hopefully you are seeing improvement in your game and we are ready for a few more practice routines.

Lets start with Finesse:

Do you have a catch disc, ( 140-165 gram , 24-28 Cm diameter discs) .
80% of the time I ask a disc golfer to play catch as training they look at me like its a waste of time.
Trust me learning to control a disc nose up with hyzer is a very vital part of short drives and laying up, not too mention those 60 foot RUNS at the basket.

All right, if you don’t have a catch disc take a super soft or lightweight putter and find a partner.
Start off with a little stretching ( one of these blogs I’ll go over a stretching routine 🙂 )

Now stand about 50 feet a part and throw the disc with only enough speed to land at your partner.
Since the catch discs are not going to fly dead flat at 50 you’re going to have to put a little hyzer and nose up on the discs to control. You should do your best to create a decent amount of spin on these shots. Throw about 20-30 passes and then step back about 25 feet, throw another 20-30 and step back another to 100. Hopefully you or your partner isn’t having to run all over the place. but if you do think of it as getting a good work out. Now from the 100 foot distance you should be trying hyzer all the way, hyzer flips turnover all the way low trajectory high trajectory. in fact try any way you can to get the disc to stay close to your partner. Try rollers, tomahawks side arm,, every shot you have with the catch disc.

For those of you having trouble controlling a catch disc, the main thing to remember is the spin has to match the speed, you cant have a whole bunch of velocity without enough rotation. If your throw had off axis torque ( also known as wobble, turbulence from not having a clean release.) you may want to work this out form the 50 foot range , maybe even move into to 25 so you can make successful passes back and forth.

I’m sure theres some of you out there who despite my 40 years of experience with frisbees and discs feel that a playing catch wont improve your game. the opposite is true, without the ability to control a catch disc chances are you’re not maximizing your full potential as a disc golfer.

Whats good about playing catch with a partner is you can get in about 200 throws in an hour, when it usually takes over 2 hours just to get in 50.

My next blog will be on how to create the most power out of your athletic ability! ( unless i find the time to come up with a stretching routine)..

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