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So I finally got out to play a bit yesterday at Creve Coeur.

This is a longer style par 68 course that allows you to actually use the longer flying discs in the bag ( on about 14 holes 🙂 ).
I threw 2-3 drives on just about every hole and was amazed by the speed, control and glide of the Apaches. I was consistently driving 420 plus with a slight hyzer release and a 15-20 foot trajectory and very little movement left or right. The flight patter including fade was VERY VERY tight compared with shots Nikko was throwing with his destroyers. He says he has given up completely on the Boss,,, as they cost him and MOST of his competitors a lot of strokes because of how unpredictable they fly. The Destroyer was the only disc in his bag of Innova that he was throwing longer than me on the hyzer flip and not by much.
On the more open holes where I could get some height and release turned over out of my hand I was matching his Distance within a few yards often out driving him because of the control.
On hole 5 I threw a roller into a tree about 90 feet of the tee. Thinking this direct hit would change the flight characteristic of the disc I left the next 2 drives with the discs a little left, but realized it didnt change the flight at all,,pretty amazing for how hard it hit and I’m not talking about a deflection of a tree,,,it bounce straight back towards me after impact.
Id say this is definitely the best run of evolution plastic we have ever ran!!!
Nikko is on his way to the USDGC Doubles this weekend and the singles championship in 2 weekends.
This will be Nikkos 4th trip to Usdgc ( one time he did not get to play)
Hot off 2 wins in a row and 3 out of his last 4 with his recent Victory at the A tier in Hamilton IL where he hung on for a 1 throw win over Eric McCabe by hitting a downhill 40 footer on hole 17 of the final round and distanced 3rd place finisher Avery Jenkins by 7!
Nikko switched to the Magic a few weeks back and seems to think they require less effort to get into the basket because of the additional glide and added mass on the rim makes them hit and stick.
He is using a RED organic Wizard for lay ups and drives stating” these are really overstable and great into the wind”


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