Make clutch putts

Disc Golf Instruction: How to Make Clutch Putts

My name is Nikko Locastro P.D.G.A. #11354, and I am here to tell you that putting is the most important skill to have in disc golf.

If you ever see a really good putter, you’ll notice that they make it look so simple. You might think it looks easy, but it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to become a truly skilled putter.

The very first thing I think of when practicing is having a comfortable routine and relaxed feel for your disc. You should never feel like you’re “forcing” the disc into the chains, this motion should feel real easy, especially inside 25′. Being able to make a high percentage inside 25’ and all putts inside 20’ will give you the confidence to go for the 40-footers and the downhill putts as well.

After figuring out a comfortable putting style, stick with it for a while and PRACTICE IT FOR PERFECTION. It’s important when practicing to make sure that all practice putters that feel pretty similar and are all close to the same weight. One of the worst things to do is practice with a bunch of putters that don’t feel the same. To build up confidence start off short making about twenty five putts less than 20ft. After doing this short drill the next step in improving your putt is to do the same thing, but a little further away like 20-30ft then make 25’-50’ putts from this range. The objective of doing drills this way is a twenty foot putt should eventually feel the exact same as a forty footer. When most people practice putting they go all over the place putting a 10 footer than a 50-footer, then throwing a couple from 80’, but I promise you that by starting off close, then slowly moving back it will eventually improve your game dramatically.

Clutch putting checklist:

  • Stances
  • Styles
  • Grip
  • Putting range (regular, jump-putt or backhand)
  • Ensure you have the exact putters in your bag – flex, surface, grip, color, weight and stamps