Plastic Types: Sure Grip and Evolution

Disc Golf Information: The Gateway Plastics

The Sure-Grip™ or “S”-series matted version of disc plastic is a high end version of the “DX” or “D” plastic of our competitors. This type of polymer offers a firm, solid feel with a grippy surface and great performance in the rain or extreme heat. The “S”-plastic allows the disc to break in slowly without changing its flight characteristics after just a few hits.”S”-series discs available: Wizard, Warlock, Voodoo, Magic, Blaze, Demon, Element, Scout, Warrior, Apache, Assassin, Sabre, Speed Demon, Illusion, and Spirit.


Our pro-line polymer is the Evolution™ series or “E”-series. With these new polymers, Gateway Disc Sports has evolved into the industry front runner in polymer technology.

The Evolution™ series polymer, a TPU from BASF, has a surface durometer score of 60 D-Shore. It is virtually scratch-, scuff-, dent-, crack-, and chip-proof. The durability is as good as any plastic on the market. The smooth surface and low profiles make each model a little faster while remaining very comfortable in your hand.”E”-series plastic is available in our entire disc product line: Wizard, Warlock, Voodoo, Magic, Blaze, Demon, Element, Scout, Warrior, Apache, Assassin, Sabre, Diablo DT, Illusion, Slayer, Speed Demon, and Spirit.


We also make limited runs of our killer SuperGlow™ glow-in-the-dark plastic. You’ll be very pleased with how brightly the Gateway SuperGlow™ discs flouresce and how long they remain glowing with only brief charging in sunlight or artificial bright light.

SuperGlow™ discs include: Wizard, Warlock, Voodoo, Sabre, and select others in limited runs..

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    1. Hey Andrew,

      This is what we have available in our shop:
      Element “Sure Plastic”
      Samurai “Sure Plastic”
      Sabre “Sure Plastic”


  1. I recently acquired a Magic that has CH mag on the bottom. I was simply curious what the CH stood for. The disc has not been used but maybe a couple times to my knowledge.

  2. I have a pretty old GW Blaze (2001 or earlier) that was given to me by a neighbor. Apparently It was in the Player Pack for a local tournament in 2001. Whatever the case it has quickly become my go-to utility disc & I would like to get a couple more. Is there anyway I can tell what plastic it is and confirm its a blaze.

  3. I have RFF’s x 2 and a SB… how are the durabilities on these versus the S and what do they stand for? Any advise is appreciated as I have recently made the change from aviars to Wizards.

    Go Gateway!!!!

  4. I bought a Voodoo Super Soft.. but I was disappointed, the disc was hard and stiff. Why do you call the plastic Super Soft? Is Super Stupid Soft a soft plastic?

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