The perfect throw

Disc Golf Instruction: The Anatomy of the Perfect Throw

This article is about disc golf driving technique, and really more about the very basic fundamental factors affecting drives.

Everyone you ask will tell you differently how to throw a golf disc properly. Here’s my explanation of how to drive properly using a simple checklist that, with repitition, will become ingrained through muscle memory and give you repeatable distance and accuracy off the tee. It’s all about discipline and focused practice!

  1. Grip (power, pinch, fan)
  2. Run-up (4, 5, 6 and 7 step throws)
  3. Angles of run-up and footing (like picking spares in bowling)
  4. Back-swing (coiling up the power)
  5. Angle of release (flat, hyzer, reverse, nose-up, nose-down)
  6. Height of the shot (5-50 feet off the ground)
  7. Snap or timing (having of all components in place at the right time)
  8. Velocity (speed)
  9. Revolutions (spin)
  10. Follow-Through, rotation or finish (legs, hips, shoulders, arm, wrist, hand all coming through at the right times)