Why your mom plays disc golf

Disc Golf Information: Why Your Mom Plays Disc Golf
by Brent Koontz

Ok so I don’t know your mom or your dad and probably don’t know you, but if your mom plays disc golf these are a couple of reasons why she might.

(Just for the record, my mom does play disc golf and is quite good at it.  By “quite good,” I mean she wins Advanced Womens in local tournaments with fields as big as one competitor.  Nice work mom!)  Anyway back to why “your” mom is playing disc golf.  Wait I don’t know your mom.  Maybe I should change this to why my mom plays disc golf.  Ok, here is why my mom is playing disc golf.  She likes all the single guys.  Ha.  No, really she is happily married and plays because it is a great way for her to spend time with her husband of 25+ years who enjoys playing.

My mom understands the importance of quality time together.  She simply loves spending time with my father and if that means playing disc golf, then give her a Wizard and show her where Hole 1 is.  (Side note, she can even throw a thumber. Count it, mom.)  Anyway she says that in life it is often times more important to spend time with those you love doing something you may not love, than to spend your money on candy and spend your time with the dentist.  Well-said, mom, I love candy and that is probably why she made the statement about the dentist.

Anyway, I have come to realize that my mom is right about a lot of things.  Candy is not that good for you and the best part about disc golf is playing with those people who make me enjoy the game even if my shots aren’t going where I planned.   So, next time you see a lady at the disc golf course that looks like a grandma (sorry mom) you know that love is in the air or my dad is about to go shopping.  Either way, it is good to see people supporting those they love and allowing them to do what they love.

Thanks for all the great advice mom.  No I don’t have any cavities and yes I will remember to buy my Biran a gift for his birthday..