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Disc Golf Information: Gateway Wizard In-Depth

In this article, I will try to address some of the scientific and aerodynamic differences between the Gateway Wizard and Innova™ Aviar™.

The Wizard is a bit longer in flight than either the Aviar and just about most other putters. Most players who throw big with a putter will agree. This longer flight is because of gyroscopic effect, balance of air deflection, and materials on the surface of the discs. The more matted the finish on a disc, the less contact the air makes with the disc’s surface. We try very hard to create a matted finish with the rubber in our materials, causing less surface friction and a reduction in drag. The Wizard’s balance of air flowing under and over the leading edge is much closer to equal than the Aviar, which allows for greater glide on declanation. A Putt & Approach Aviar will flip quickly when thrown hard and a KC will fade left more than a Wizard at lower speeds. In layman’s terms, the Wizard’s stability covers a much larger velocity range than either a KC or an Aviar.

The stability differences mainly are the result of the angles of deflection (wing vs. top or dome vs. bead).

Here are a few others:

1) The Wizard is smaller in volume (~125 cc) than the Aviar (~140-145 cc), taking up less overall space by the disc. If both discs weigh 175 g, the Wizard has a significantly higher density ratio than the Aviar. With both discs weighing 175 g, our Sure Grip plastic is has more density and very different distribution.

2) Besides the very different shape of the nose, the Wizard’s rim is still close in mass or size to the Aviar. However, the Wizard has a thicker flight plate than the Aviar’s. The Wizard’s flight plate thickens near the inside of its outer edge and continues to thicken further by the time it meets the inside edge of the rim. Even Soft Wizards feel “beefy” at first but you can break them in by flexing them. Our Sure Grip line demands the highest quality rubber compounds to provide superior rebound resiliency (or “memory”) and abrasion resistance. This is why Wizards come right back to their original shape – while retaining their flexibility. With four flexibilities to choose from you are certain to find the right fit and feel to take your putt & approach to a new level.

Even on firm Wizards, the surface feels very grippy and tacky for grabbing the chains at every opportunity.

The added thickness in the outer part of the flight plate near the rim enhances the structural stability and overall shape of the Wizard when compared with the Aviar. Thus, even a well-worn Wizard remains close to perfectly round. The added thickness enhances the gyroscopic force of the disc – meaning the disc will maintain momentum and spin longer. And the longer the spin, the longer a disc can hold its flight pattern. Thanks to both of these qualities, the Wizard flies straighter with a much tighter “S”-pattern. It will hold just about any line you throw for a longer period of time, no matter whether the shot is 30 feet or 300 feet, 20 mph or 70 mph!

3) The thickness of the flight plate tapers down quickly from the outer portion to 1-1/2″ away from the inside of the rim, where the thinner .063″ central portion (compared to .075″ for the Aviar, which does not have a tapered thickness) begins. This thinner portion provides a much better feel between your thumb and fingers when pinching the flight plate for putting – you can get better touch putting with a thinner flight plate.

Besides all the technical mumbo-jumbo, the main reason we believe our putters are more successful is the range of grips and feels. It’s like buying a good micro brew compared to Bud Light! We spend hours dry-blending formulas for 200-1200 disc batches while our competitors are way past that stage for their putters (no offense). It takes a lot of time and results in funky weights and blended colors! We may run a 60 disc batch and make it softer or firmer, then blend and run a 300 disc batch.

Every player seems to like a different aspect of a putter. Since you wind up using it on every single hole and sometimes more than once, you’d better really like it! Many people play with and like the Wizard for all their shots under 300 feet. We sell more Wizards than any other disc, and will soon be selling many more!.

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  1. I’m looking for a wizard that is pretty similar to a soft magnet. Which blend and flexibility do you recommend? I have an sss glow wizard that is awesome but not quite as flexible as the soft magnet. I will buy at least ten if you point me in the right direction. Thanks

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