Results of Chuckfest 2012

This was another great year for the Chuckfest Disc Golf Tournament!! It was held in Calgary and Canmore, Alberta, Canada.

The tournament was a success and the Gateway discs were a huge hit. It came as a great surprise to everyone that they’d get such a cool disc to take away from the tourney. A bunch of guys were using their Wizards and Elements during the tourney and their shots always seemed to be parked next to the basket!

Here are the scores and a couple pictures from the event hosted by Kevin King!! Thanks!


Division 1

1 Rob Sharpe (165)

2 Reece Honour (169)

3 Jordan Walker (171)

4 Tyler Kiefer (172)

5 James Spencer (179)

6 Matt Hawke (181)

7 Kevin King (182)

8 Mik Woolf (182)

Division 2

9 Nathan Dorward (188)

10 Matt M (189)

11 Darren M (192)

12 Tom S (195)

Division 3

13 Ryan Sharpe (198)

14 Brad F (202)

15 Trevor F (205)

16 Ben M

17 Jordan R

18 Lloyd S

19 John B.

2 thoughts on “Results of Chuckfest 2012”

  1. Just threw my new Gateway Samurai,with the killer chuckfest hotstamp, on monday! It did not dissapoint! had a sweet flight and flew out of my hands like a dream. Thanks so much for your support with the tournament last weekend. You guys made it a tournament to remember! Cant wait to get out and throw the samurai more often and try out your other discs!

  2. I ended up with a Samurai and a Slayer. I think I got a sort of stable Slayer which is great to compliment to the Samurai. I haven’t had them long enough to know too much about them, but the stamp is wicked and I’m looking forward to getting the “What disc was that?” questions.

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