21 cm diameter

Up to 175 g

Shaman Top

Sure Grip

The Shaman is to the Chief as is the Magic is to the Wizard. The Shaman is blunt on the nose with a 25%, angle and no bead on the wing. The flight path is dictated on the type of release:

  • Thrown flat, the Shaman flies straight
  • Thrown with a tilted flip, the flight path curves

Shaman Flight Information


4 thoughts on “Shaman”

    1. The Chief is a low-profile Wizard with a bead, and is modeled after the Wizard.

      The Shaman is a low-profile Magic without a bead, and is modeled after the Magic.

  1. Love the Shaman. Amazing feel in the hand. I use it as my main putter and for anhyzer approach shots or downhill approach shots. Can’t wait to get my hands on one in evo plastic!

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