slacking on the blogging

Lots of exciting stuff to blog about but apparently not enough time :).

John E MCcray wins his 94th Pro event over Ken Climo taking home $1650.00 in Jacksonville last weekend.

I’m fairly certain no one has taken down the champ more than our man John E MCray!

Nikko, won 2 B tiers and over $1500.00 Including a $500 Bonus from the local club for the sweep in Nebraska last weekend as well.

I spent Saturday night at the Amateur championships at Bowling Green fly mart with my Cousin Adara. We had a great time meeting and talking to all the players. Sales were excellent and the band was jamming the whole time!
Unfortunatley, even after working on the Ninja prototypes until 1 am the night before we still couldn’t get the mold up and running parts.
The flight plate of the NINJA is only .053″ thick and trying to push the tough Urethane through that small of space into our Long ( I mean REALLY LONG) Wing, is going t o take a little more work ( or we will have to thicken up the flight plate a bit).
Our goal is too have the longest wing and most gyroscopic disc possible. Efforts for the Ninja prototyping will resume this Friday.

The samples that we did produce are indicating a really long flying discs with a fairly neutral stability.

What else,,,???
Oh,, after bowling green we made the trip to Jackson Falls in the Shawnee national forest for some hiking and bouldering,,,for those who have never been to Jackson falls,,,when it Southern Illinois or anywhere near,,,find the time,,,just dont try asking any locals how to get there,,because they dont know.


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  1. If the Ninja comes out with a stability between the B#$$ and the Ka#@na it will be the best distance driver on the market. GOOD LUCK!!!

  2. Jackson Falls is a great place to go bouldering…just don’t go with someone that isn’t strong enough to lift or carry you in the event you fall; I learned the hard way. Like you said no one knows how to get there in that area it seems. I had to call a friend that lived over an hour away to help me.

    1. We are increasing the flight plate thickness from .053 to .060″ hopefully this will help fill the rim uniformly and pack out the wide rim.
      The prototypes we did get 90% molded are flying really far and VERY VERY fast from point A to point B

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