Street Team FAQ

Below are some commonly asked questions regarding the Street Team. This FAQ will be updated as necessary!

What is the Street Team?
The Street Team is a group of die-hard Gateway fanatics, players looking to expand the sport and getting the word out about Gateway Disc Sports’ discs.

Is there a membership fee?
No, there is no membership fee. The program is a volunteer program, and although we are keeping the numbers limited at this time, the program is driven by its members.

Do I have to be on social media to join?
While not absolutely mandatory, it is a definite advantage! The Street Team has its own private Facebook group, where members can communicate with one another, share files and ideas, and have a direct line to Gateway Disc Sports. Additionally, using social media will allow you to not only get the word out easier, but to also make it easier to earn points!

Is age important?
Not at all! Gateway firmly believes that the future of the sport lies in the hands of younger players, and they can be as intensely focused on being the best they possibly can, just as an adult does. That said, if you’re under 18, we do require parental permission to participate!

Do I need to be a PDGA member?
While it is not necessary to be a member of the PDGA, it is beneficial – particularly if you plan on running events and/or tournaments!

Is this a sales position?
No, it’s not! However, it is entirely possible to be both a Street Team member and an independent sales contractor. If you’re interested is selling Gateway Discs, let us know and we’ll work with you in order to help get our discs into the hands of your local players!