Voodoo and Warrior prototypes

We finally got around to running he small bead putter, the Voodoo today.
The nose is a complete radius ( the wing is the exact same as the top) and there is a very small bead.
Initial testing went pretty well.
We ran a batch of blue in a soft/SS and a red in soft/medium.
I could barley tell the difference in flight between the two but of course one was more flexible than the other.
I found the Voodoo to be similar in stability to the Wizard when putting with the subtle fall off of hyzer at the very end of 30 and 40 foot putts.
When thrown harder ( 60- 80 foot) the stability was closer to the Warlock with just the right amount of predictable fade
The biggest surprise was when I really threw them hard.
They seemed to have just as much resistance to turn as a Wizard, but definitely FASTER and the fade was about a ZERO.
I threw some shots of about 250-280 feet on dead ropes and the disc barely mover 2 feet one way or another the whole way.
The disc feels really comfortable in the hand as the small bead is almost unnoticeable and seems to conform to your hand,,, I think “ergonomic grip” would fit quite well!

I guess I was hoping for more of a turnover disc than the Magic, but all in all I would have to say I am very Happy with the testing.
We will be releasing the Voodoo in about a week on our AUTO SHIP PROGRAM.

To get signed up for the first runs, please contact david@gdstour.com or have your club or favorite store call the shop 314 487 5204 or email office@gdstour.com.

We are discontinuing the Element-X completely and retooled the mold to be a slightly slower more controllable mid-range and will be renaming it the Warrior.
It will still be similar to the element in wing length and rim depth but with a more buzzzzzish blunt in the nose!
I know,,,,, I know, we already used Warrior name years ago for the old E blaze, but stopped using the name over 4 years ago.
I really like the name Warrior and Element X just couldn’t separate itself from the Element to gain and sales momentum, plus warrior just fits the discs purpose!

Yesterday we ran about 150 of them in 3 different formulas and they were a just bit too over-stable for what we were looking for. Kind of a cross between a demon and Gator which wont do much good in a beginners hands.
We are already retooling the mold,,,, looking to get a little turn in the middle of the flight before hyzering back, by adding a more rounded nose again think buzzzzish!!!.

7 thoughts on “Voodoo and Warrior prototypes”

  1. I like the idea of shallow lip for a putter. I putt with a BluntGumbputt and have a hard time hitting a putt with anything else. I grip with fingers flat on the bottom of the disc. I drive and approach with Wizards. A couple of my friends putt with Classic Rocs, XD for the shallow rim for better control. I haven’t seen this disc in person but if it is along the same line it would be nice way to get them into more Gateway.

  2. The rim depth on the Voodoo is just about the same as the other 3.

    We get a LOT OF REQUESTS for shallow rimmed discs ( drivers putters and mid-range)

    Discs with shallow rim depth don’t seem to hold their line at low speeds, but one day down the road we will wind up making an XD style approach discs that players could use for putting.

  3. I was field testing the voodoo that you gave me at the pumpkin shootout and it went well. it is for sher a fast putter and is very staight. The E plastic was a great feel and it will do great along side my E Wizard for driving short holes.
    Thanks Again

  4. I won a first run Voodoo in the Piney woods Pro-am last weekend and decided to try it out yesterday with my sons in a round of horse in the back yard.
    I only missed 3 putts the entire round and we where putting from 15 to 60 ft. It is very straight and will handle more velocity out of the hand than any of my other putters. I will be buying more of these.

  5. I also won a First Run Voodoo (SS) at the Piney Woods Pro-Am. I must say that it “feels” better than any disc I’ve ever held.

    I’ve incorporated it into my daily putting practice along with my SS Wizards (one also won at the Piney Woods) and within 30′ it is very close to the Wizard….didn’t notice any difference in the make/miss ratio.

    Haven’t tried it with long putts…or drives yet. May not use the SS for drives…will probably wait until I get stiffer plastic for that.

    Confidence is a major component in putting…and the fact that the disc feels so good in the hand has got to have a positive impact on the mental aspect.

    It has with mine.

  6. What Ive noticed most about the Voodoo when compared to the Wizard is it just seems to flay farther with less effort and its slightly less overstable, especially when thrown off the tee.
    This extra glide and less stability should really help out newer players who may lack a little rotation on their lay-up shots.

    Also,, Bead-Less and Small- Bead putters slide along the ground a little more and this must be taken into consideration when laying up.

  7. i have several gateway putters a magic, 2 wizards, 2 organic prototypes, a first run voodoo, and an unknown with a sunleaves print on top. out of all of these the organic prototypes are my favorite they fly so beautifly but almost seem more midranged then any thing great disc non the less, also what kind is the sunleaves model?

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