Want to get a new course in your home town???

Everyone wants a new course and its easier than you think when you take the right
steps. Closing deals and getting a park/city/county to move forward on installing
 a new course, often requires "speaking their language". Key power points like:
 low  cost family recreation,
sustainable recreation,
prevention of obesity are direct and to the point and help allocate land/funds,
especially if the funds come from an existing grant or one they may want to write.
Rarely does a park have concerns about tournaments or leagues, but there are occasions
when it’s important as is the ability to generate revenue through admissions or disc sales.
 Theres also a keep up with the Joneses mentality where its important that residents from their
community are not going to another city for recreation that can easily be created
 and at a very low cost compared with any other park facility. It may also be
important for a city to have a course before a neighboring city,, city's are
very competitive with each other and for the low cost of a course and the ability
to use areas that cannot be used for other recreations,,,sometimes it just takes
a really good proposal in writing. Proposals that include free donations of any
equipment or labor get the attention of the higher ups, including the mayor.
Phone calls to park departments makes it too easy for one guy to say no, while
an official proposal in writing or given in front of a city council produces
many more course approvals.

Making parks/cities aware the hillsides and unused areas of the park are just
as good for disc golf as the well maintained park land that many parks already
have slated for passive areas or future developments. 

Our course design and installation contracts come with up to 300 FREE custom
stamped discs for the park/city/club to use as they see needed.
These can be sold as fund raisers to help off set the cost of a course or for
future course improvements. The FREE discs can also be given out at a grand
opening or a club launching event.

Gateway is NOW paying ADDATIONAL commission on leads that turn into course
contracts. This compensation will be 15-20% paid in merchandise and can be
great for disc golf clubs who can use the products to help grow disc golf
in their community or raise funds for benches or tee pads.

Most park dpeartments are in the middle of developing the 2012 budget,,,,,
Please don't hesitate to contact me personally to help get the ball rolling
for your towns NEW COURSE!!!!

314 303 1488 or david@gdstour.com


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