What type of disc golf will be fun to watch on TV?

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if your dream job is one where you can have a bad day and go home broke then i think you need some perspective. if we got paid like ball golf you’d have an argument, but some of these guys are fighting for dinner out there. I work and then play tournaments as a fun weekend out of the house right now, so i don’t normally feel what they’re feeling out there, but i can certainly understand it. the ones who are calm and collected probably make solid money outside of disc golf. and they aren’t as fun to watch
Now were getting somewhere.
What is fun to watch??
A bunch of guys pretending to be “country club members” playing an alternative sport
or actually alternative colorful people playing a new sport? ( yes disc golf will still be considered a NEW sport for many years to come).
Take a look at the history of tennis, not until Jimmy Conners and John Mcenore came on the scene with their “Nikko like” attitudes did the sport become popular.
Ball golf tries desperately to bring personality to its sport and without the finger pointing, fist pumping, loud cussing Tiger,, viewers are drastically declining both on TV and at the events.
I’m just saying????

Certain players need to “fire them selves up” in order to get the most out of themselves,,, I wish I had a guy in my office that demanded as much excellence if he didnt ship an order right or didn’t get as much done each day as he should have.

Take away some of the top players passion and I guarantee you they either quit or never win again.

I started traveling and playing disc golf in 1983 and have the very unique opportunity to have a first hand perspective, (from all aspects of a top pro.) on what goes on in a top players life and mind.
Theres hardly a top pro from the last 20 years that I don’t personally know. Most have stayed at my house or I have stayed at theirs and have spent many an hour talking about the past, present and future of Disc golf, in particular pro disc golf and the pro disc golf tour.

I’ll be the first to admit, few players “LIKE” to play with an angry clown type, but the one thing that separates Nikko from other Premadonna pros is you never hear him complain about, the course design, certain holes, the Baskets, the PDGA, other players and even the Td’s,,, while on the course and Rarely even off the course, (hes a pretty focused player who is improving his behavior as he is maturing). the same cannot be said about other top pros.

Fill the entire course with frat boys and other 21 year old kids and Nikko will look like a saint.
Televsion viewers feed off controversy, rivalry’s and the personalities that come with them ( yeah we live in the world of very successful reality TV)

What will be exciting to watch on TV, Barry Schults punching the ground and breaking his hand, Nikko pulling his hair out when he misses a putt, Avery smacking a tree branch after a bad Drive, Feldberg,,,,, well you get the point. These guys have personalties and developing fierce rivalries between the top players will help the sport become viewable.
The players themselves should embrace this as what will help the sport make it big or at leastdraw attention. Suppressing the players personalities and filling the course with 30-40 somethings acting all prim and proper with colored shirts on and very few people will watch.

More than anything I think our sport is in denial about what it is or should be.
Disc golf of course is many different things to many different people, but if you want to see disc golf on TV each week, it has to be entertaining.

lets take a quick silent poll:

If you had a chance to watch either Nikko play Cam Todd ( in his hay day) or Paul Macbeth play Cale Leiviska,, who would you want to watch?

and the better question why?


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  1. To answer the above final question…I would watch either. I just love the sport of disc golf and can’t get enough of it. I hate to quote my sponsor of solstice but I literally eat.sleep.disc I’ll take any and all of it I can get. My parents don’t get it, half the people I hang around with don’t get it. I’ve watched all the dvd’s I own, which is 20+, a half dozen times. I love the sport so thus I’d watch anything that has to do with it. It could be said for any sport. I’m an Alabama fan (ROLL TIDE) well because of such I’m gonna watch any and all games that Alabama plays cause they’re my team…does this make sense to anyone else? Just my $.02

  2. My answer is simple, Nikko and Cam. Both show the passion for the sport and see the ability to watch this sport grow into something soo much more. Granted im more of a paul/cale player (calm and collective) But Nikko and Cam both have the The attitude to make a push (everyone likes a bad guy, but they arent bad guys in real life). Meeting Nikko at the Vibram open last year was a highlight for me. The kid is talented, easily approachable and a very mature person off the course. He is very young when you look to the other big names in this sport but he has the right attitude to the supporters of the sport. Yeah you may see him smack his hands or a frown upon his face in round, but everyone has a differant style to get them focused on the job at hand. He has a bad hole gets it out of his system and moves on with the tournament which every player needs to do. Something that was told to me when i first started, every hole has a trash can (atleast in Maine it does) have a bad hole ? Throw it away, start fresh forget about the previous one, cause its now in the trashcan.


  3. I like the idea of a “showcase” type match for TV. A local cable network(FSM, My 46, Ch 11) could pick this up for little to no cost especially if they had guarneteed sponsor dollars. Shells Wonderful World of Golf used to do this for ball golf because of the cost to produce live events with large fields, and I think the same reasoning applies to current disc golf events. The matches would be easy to duplicate or have a series of matches. The bottom line would be the companies that make their money from disc golf would have to get behind it for it to make sense for tv. Trust me, those guys will do/show anything if it makes them a buck!

    1. “The bottom line would be the companies that make their money from disc golf would have to get behind it for it to make sense for tv”.

      I think this is where the problem lies,,, its true that there are 10 or so disc manufacturing companies at this point, but for most to spend any money on advertising without shelf space in the big box retailers (which applies to everyone but #1),,its just not wise.
      #1 doesnt need to d anything different (YET :)) and can basically feed off the existing customers for the next 20 years and not see a loss in gross revenue, as the sport is growing so quickly,,,, #2 just follows suit and seems quite content with where they are ,,,,the rest (Gateway included) need lots more distribution and shelf space before something like a national television commercial would pay off.
      Because #1 has about 90% of the market, any advertising to the mass market by anyone else would benefit them the most, because their products are most available today,, especially at the big box.

      I be willing to bet that most of the actually sales marketing, advertising and promoting being done is to people who already play disc golf and have already bought disc golf products.

      Its the players themselves who love the sport that have grown the sport the most by word of mouth over the past 30 years.
      One good thing is that more and more smaller stores are starting to carry golf discs and this is exposing more and more people to the sport all over the country.

      ok I gotta get back to work, before my boss finds out I’m on the internet šŸ™‚

  4. My match of choice would be Paul v.s. Nikko.

    Climo v.s. Locastro would be a big ratings draw too.

    But I think ME & Nikko in about 5 years will be the one!

    I agree with everything you stated in your rant.

    You are quite ahead of the curve my friend.


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    1. Thanks I wish I could be more diligent in my day to day posting, we have tons of videos and pics we take each week.

      Thanks for the kind words and the support!

  6. “Because #1 has about 90% of the market, any advertising to the mass market by anyone else would benefit them the most, because their products are most available today,, especially at the big box.”

    As an advertising guy myself I couldn’t agree more. It would be hard for you to make back the 3-5k it would take to film, post prod, and market the match/show. Thats a lot of discs to sell regionally, and a lot of those sales are going to go to the most convenient source.

    I think there is no question people would watch and it would be good for the game/players overall, but the big trick would be to benefit market share wise in putting the Gateway stamp on the matches. Maybe a smaller scale match on youtube sponsored by Gateway and a Marshall Street type online source could work. Viral videos with embedded commercials?

    side note: switched to the Wizard this year and couldn’t be happier! Thanks

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