WOW Almost 6 months just went by

Ok I”ve been REALLY slacking on the blogging.
We are getting ready to update our website and I need to start blogging again.
So much has happened already this year I’m not sure where to start.

Lets see,,,,,,, we have a few new discs the Warrior, Apache and Savage.
Ok I know what you”re thinking 2 of these are old discs, well they are actually old names.
The Warrior is a retooled Element X,,,, which has a more rounded nose, thinner flight plate with a new ergonomic grip radius where the rim meets the flight plate. This new Mid-Range is a very controllable slightly overstable disc that comes in both Sure Grip “S” plastic and our new “E” Evolution High Performance Polymer (HPP) polyurethane!.

The Apache and Savage are longer winged control drivers that fill in the gap between the Sabre and Illusion ( think beefier Assassin/Inferno type discs in wing length speed and glide. Right now the Savage is only available in E while the Apache comes in both E and S. The savage has a bit more low speed fade and both discs have a decent amount of resistance to turn and are great gliding discs.

Well thats about it for tonight,,, i’ll try and come back here each day with news pictures and video.

see ya!!!!!!.

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