Evolution Demons and a proto run of E and S Hybrids ( with Surface Technology)

So we finally had a big run of E (evolution) demons this week.

The Demon was the first wickedly overstable mid-range that was first debut back at the 2000 worlds in Michigan.

This disc is virtually un-effected by the wind and one of the most predictable discs on the market.

This run is certainly the best and largest run of  E Demons we have ever had.

The disc is ALL urethane (no pro line added at all) but still has a really grippy feel and are as durable as any discs we have ever ran.

This run is  fairly flat with just enough dome to get some distance before the overstable fade kicks in.

Colors include, White, bright green, Pink, Blue and Yellow all of these colors are great for dying.


We also ran a short run of the E Hydrid in the same blend.

The Hybrid top now has 1 -1/4″ of a sand blasted finish in the mold which shows up on the leading edge of the top of this run of hybrids.  The Surface technology reduces drag and allows discs to maintain their initial launch velocity much longer for longer more controllable flights. Again the Durability of this run is 2nd to none in the industry,,,,this run of hybrids and Demnons are basically indestructible.


The Hybrid will not back in full production at this point, but this limited run will be available after the first of the year.

Weight range of this run is from (157- 175) and a very limited quantity at max weight. ( the main difference in the HYbrid and Sabre ( besides the surface technology) is the Hybrid has only a .060 thick flight plate compared with .085 of the sabre. A typical driver flight plate would be around .070-.075. The hybrid also rises up from the nose with less angle, has a slighty sharper nose radius and is basically a flatter disc over all.

With the thinner flight plate,,,,, the hybrid is more gyroscopic than similar  discs with a wing length of its size,,,, combined with the surface technology makes it a longer more controllable fairway driver than most discs in its class.

There were also a few hundred ran in a our “S” Shur-grip plastic that have flatter shape and very grippy surface.


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