8 thoughts on “NEW 2010 Gateway flight chart”

  1. Okay. So how do I get a copy of the flight chart? I lost my Voodoo SSS on a bonehead throw, but found a Wizard the same day on a difficult course in Tyler Tx. (Lindsey Gold). Damn if the Wizard isn’t the best putter/approach I’ve thrown. Also, I purchased a very used Scream, yeah the dimples are the old type, not etched in to the plastic, but this disc seems to come out of my bag more often. I am really interested in seeing what Gateway drivers have to offer. I’ll be purchasing a few soon. btw, Play It Again Sports in Carrollton Texas carries the best selection of Gateway in the DFW area. Just a shout-out, I do not work there… Perhaps Nikko and a few others in the Gateway family will help get the word out and more players will try your discs. From a Gateway Fan, thanks ! CMM

  2. Is there a way you could put this as a pdf or something like that so I can have a closer gander. When I try blowing it up to read it isn’t legible.

    It is interesting seeing some of the names come back. I think my first scout was purplish. Then I have some “H” mid-ranges called Scout also (I don’t have them nearby to check for sure), they are a light bluish color.

    1. NOt sure, I just just opened it up and when I click on it to enlarge it, the look is clear and when I click again to enlarge it even ore I can see it quite well.
      is anyone else having problems with reading the chart after its enlarged?

      right now even the pdf is about 280 MB, but I can send a jpeg to anyone that emails me at david@gdstour.com

  3. Hey Dave,

    you may want to modify the putter catagory. The word “slightly” is spelled incorrect on two of the discs. I like the new disc chart though.

  4. In your putter descriptions on the chart you should spell “slightley” correct. As in “slightly”

    I am not an English major and don’t care that much, but being a big company you shouldn’t spell like a Breckfist Bureeto Truk.

    I love your organic S-SSS Wizards!

    1. Yeah theres still some corrections to be made on the flight chart and catalog.
      will be working on that tomorrow and will get a new one posted in its place by the weekend!

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