Organic Voodoos and Warlocks

So we decided to run a small batch of Organic Warlocks ( 325) and Organic Voodoos ( 200).
These 2 models in the OG material are not part of our regular stock inventory and is not something we plan on running again anytime soon
The Green ones are some of the most flexible organics we have ever ran.
Theres also a bit firmer ( between ss and soft) of the OG Warlock in Black.

if your interested in these discs ask your local or on line retailer if they are getting some in.

We do have plenty of Organic Wizards and Magics and plan on keeping them in inventory from now on.

For those of you who do not know what our organic (OG) line is:

Combining recycled materials with renewable resources for an eco friendly product.

We combine recycled rubber ( part our own regrind and part post industrial /pre-consumer) with a corn based polymer ( renewable resource) knows as PLA.

We use the NON bio-degradable kind, but I have ran a few prototype batches with the Bio-degradable kind but they are gone 🙂

We feel every little bit helps and ” GOING GREEN” is something we all should put more effort in!.

8 thoughts on “Organic Voodoos and Warlocks”

  1. Hey David,
    Just unpacked my new Organic Warlocks. Love the unstamped look and the feel of the og plastic.
    Thanks for the quick shipping. Going to throw right now.

  2. I just found out about Gateway today and reading about the organic discs sealed the deal on deciding my new putter. Also, do you think you’ll be making some organic (possibly biodegradable) mid-range or drivers soon?

    1. we did run some biodegradable proto types but cant see how someone would really want their disc to eventually be gone 🙂

  3. Hey,
    I found a Gateway organic prototype 175 gr and am in the process of returning it to its owner. I have thrown it a few hundred times while im waiting for the guy to come thru. Thing is, I want one for myself but the info on the bottom of the disc is mostly scratched off (ran over) except the weight. it has a number written on it in pen “#35944” does this mean anything? I really want a copy of this disc for my quiver.


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